C7 / B1: Project Management for Sustainable Development

C7 / B1: Project Management for Sustainable Development

Lecturer: Pan. Panagiotakopoulos
Academic Credits: 3


The objective of the course is to assist students understand (and if possible apply at a practical level):

  • the basic principles of management, administration and planning of projects according to the  International Project Management Association (www.ipma.ch)

  • the basic concepts of sustainable development  and sustainability performance  of  projects (consideration of social, environmental and economic aspects throughout the project’s life cycle),

  • concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility  and Sustainability Reporting based on international standards (GRI, ISO26000,  UN Global Compact).

A major responsibility of a project manager and the of the project team is to recognize the context of the project (what it does, why, relation with parallel projects), the time dimension (preceding projects, business plan) and the social context: (interested parties, stakeholders, those affecting—and affected--  by project). The course prepares students for project management IPMA certification exams (http://certification.pmgreece.gr).